Trees of Tomorrow: A Speculative Tour and Workstation is conceptualized, organized, and executed by Margaretha  Haughwout (Guerrilla Grafters), Cody Ann Herrmann, and Julian Louis Phillips, in alliance with Social Practice Queens and the John Bowne High School Agricultural Department; it was initiated along with Greg Sholette and Randall Szott.

Many thanks to Steve Perry and Patryja Jamilowska of John Bowne High School; Chuck Wade; Jack Eichenbaum, Queens Borough Historian; John Choe and the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce; Deborah Silverfine and the Voelker-Orth Museum, Bird Sanctuary and Victorian Gardens; Anne Pal and the Bowne House; and the Quaker Meeting House.

The Trunkless Tree artwork is the work of the amazing John Bowne Agricultural Department students: Cherry: Larissa Li; Willow: Angelica ‘Noguera, Katsura: Diana Vazguez, Gingko & Ash: Gabriella Heyward; Sweet Gum: Antonio Crespo; Sycamore: Destiny Irazarry. In 2019 we added  new JBHS students’ artwork: Nevaeh Rochford (Gingko), Jahid Hasan (Mulberry), Barbara Suero (Callery Pear), Yuxin Liu (Mulberry), Jacklin Osorio (Ash).

Design by Benji Geisler and Margaretha Haughwout, Texts by Margaretha Haughwout